The 5 kilometer race is probably one of the most common road races today, as it is very popular with novices. This is especially because it is easier to finish the race without the level of endurance training other long distance races require. If you are thinking of running in a 5k very soon, you might consider the following tips helpful. All you need is a good online personal trainer and you can begin from your room and end up completing a 5k race very soon!
• Develop endurance. Even though the 5k may not require as much level of endurance, like any physical activity, it requires its own level of endurance. You should be able to run the race comfortably during training. If you need help with your endurance training, an online personal trainer will be a great advantage here as he can help you determine what you need to work on.
• Develop speed. Like any other skill, speed is a learned exercise. That means you have to practice running faster, as it’s the only way to develop speed. If you can’t afford a coach, then subscribing to a virtual or online personal trainer, they can help you with exercises and training schemes that will help you build sufficient speed for the 5k race.
• Develop strength. Add strength building exercises to your training. Do more of body weight exercises to build up your muscles so that your movements are stronger. You don’t have to go to a gym, just consult an online personal trainer and you can practice from the comfort of your room.