Whatever your physical fitness goals are, the right supplements will help take your performance to the next level and if you want to get the best out of your online training, then you should consider stocking up on these top 4 supplements as you begin your sessions with your Elite online personal trainer. Now as always consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting anything new like this to make sure it’s good fit for your personal health.

  1. Creatine monohydrate. This is the king of supplements for fitness enthusiasts and if I guess correctly, your online physical trainer probably swears by it. It is responsible for supplying energy to cells within the body. Creatine boosts muscle mass, strength and also improves the body’s capacity to do high intensity activities. It also works to bring about improvements in muscular endurance. 
  2. Caffeine. You probably already can tell that caffeine is great for physical fitness by how much a cup of coffee before your morning workout jolts you alive. Caffeine is great at delaying fatigue and can reduce your perception of effort. It also improves endurance, increases fat oxidation and can cause the release of some endorphins or “feel good” hormones during your sessions.
  3. Protein. All athletes need protein. That’s because it helps to repair and maintain broken down tissues in the body, and that often occurs whenever you work out. It can also serve as an additional source of energy to the body.
  4. Fish oil. Fish oil contain omega 3 fatty acids which also help in recovery after intense workouts, as some of these acids help to reduce muscle soreness felt after intense exercise. They are also important in building and maintaining muscles. But all of this information your online trainer will provide for you! Our Elite Online trainers are the best, because you can train from the comfort of your own home!