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Body Building Show Prep

Select this program if you:

Want to build some serious muscle

May be interested in body building shows

Want to learn about body building

Want to gain more than 5-10lbs of muscle.

This program is for men of any age or fitness level.







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Your Mobile Training App

  • On The Go Access- your workout routine and meal plan are right on your smartphone, iPad or computer!
  • Training Calendar –set up by your trainer so you always know what to do and when!
  • Video Exercise Demonstrations-not sure how to do an exercise? Our built-in videos demonstrate every exercise in your training plan
  • Workout Logging-Log your reps and weight! Your trainer will review your workouts and adjust your plan to keep you moving forward and busting through plateaus!
  • Body Stat Tracking-view your progress over time and actually see your success!
  • Results Graphing-see how far you’ve come and share with friends!
  • In-app Messaging -have a question about your workout? Send your trainer a message!
  • MyFitnessPal Integration-Log what you eat in MyFitnessPal and your trainer can view it in your Mobile Training account to keep you accountable and adjust your diet plan as needed!

Monthly 1-on-1 Video Check-Ins with your Trainer via Skype